Audra Volpi

Originally from Long Island New York, Audra moved to NC in 2005 and has called Greensboro home since 2009.  She worked in mortgage finance for over 15 years and earned her BFA in Interior Architecture (2013) from UNC Greensboro. She is an advocate for housing issues in Greensboro and has spent many hours volunteering in the community. In addition, she is on the Board of Directors for Tiny Houses Greensboro. 

The community benefits of tiny housing include:

  • Providing job training for people experiencing homelessness, which could lead to building homes for themselves and for others
  • Developing dignity and self-sufficiency 
  • Learning to work collaboratively with others  
  • Reducing homelessness in Greensboro.

Tiny Houses Greensboro believes that creating a tiny house community will provide individuals experiencing homelessness with a stable housing environment and community support.